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Take steps now to minimize your long term exposure to hospital readmissions penalties.

Readmissions Resources

The CMS Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program (RRP) was effective for discharges beginning on October 1, 2012 and reduces payments to IPPS hospitals with excess readmissions. Over two thousand hospitals received reduced Medicare payments due to excess readmissions in 2014. CMS provides each hospital with a data file so they can validate their readmission penalty calculation. The file identifies patients that were readmitted to either the hospital or another relevant hospital within 30 days of discharge. However, it does not include data elements such as the physician responsible for each readmission, detailed diagnosis and procedure codes and key financial data.

BESLER’s Readmissions AnalyticsSM tool delivers a detailed analysis of your readmissions, including insights into the underlying causes of readmissions at your specific facility. This information will assist you in developing strategies that can ultimately decrease readmissions so you can avoid Medicare penalties.

Simply provide BESLER with your QualityNet hospital-specific readmissions report to get started – absolutely no IT resources are required. You’ll receive:

  • Access to a powerful analytical tool including dashboards, interactive charts, tables and graphs that allow you to understand the data in ways that would be impossible using the CMS-supplied data alone, including:Readmissions Analytics
    • Physician details
    • Annual readmissions trends
    • Related vs. unrelated readmissions
    • Clinical predictors
    • Socioeconomic factors
    • And more…
  • Our clinical experts will review and discuss the data with you.

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