Company History

BESLER Consulting was founded in 1986 as a financial and operational consultancy to America’s leading healthcare providers, and has been growing in our purpose “to improve the health of the healthcare community through unmatched solutions” ever since. Those solutions don’t come in a box, in a series of reports or in binders for the shelf. Solutions come from listening to the challenge at hand, carefully evaluating the need or the opportunity and strategically applying resources so that a positive outcome is accomplished. BESLER Consulting is about action, not contemplation; results, not lengthy reports. We apply our knowledge and experience to your unique situation so that you are satisfied with the results and can move forward, ready to tackle the next challenge.

BESLER Consulting is committed to providing value to our clients by exceeding their expectations for revenue integrity, reimbursement assurance, regulatory guidance, operational efficiencies, and accreditation and licensure services. This commitment is achieved through proven products, unmatched service and a dedicated team of highly qualified professionals who take ownership of their work.