Medicare Cost Report Preparation and Review Services

BESLER can assist in all phases of cost report preparation and review.

The BESLER team can help ensure your hospital submits an accurate cost report that optimizes revenue potential and identifies areas of opportunities that could help with compliance and future reimbursement.

We have worked with over 600 healthcare organizations and have experience with most reimbursement issues and scenarios. Our team has 100+ years of collective experience in healthcare reimbursement services, including completing, reviewing, and auditing cost reports for clients of all sizes.

We know the cost report challenges you and your team face.

Cost Report Preparation

Our end-to-end cost report preparation service includes completion and submission of the cost report to your specific MAC. We’ll also work closely with your team to prepare supporting documentation and ensure that appeal rights are preserved.

Cost Report Reviews

If you and your team complete your hospital’s cost report in-house, have you considered having an external review done to identify opportunities? An external review prior to submission by our experts can identify potential compliance issues and offer suggestions for improvement.

Cost Report Preparation Software: Easy Work Papers

Using BESLER’s Easy Work Papers cost report preparation software can reduce the amount of time you spend preparing your Medicare Cost Report by up to 75%!

Working with the BESLER team will help you spend less time preparing the cost report and more time focusing on other critical issues.

Cost Report Submission Software: BESLER OMNIA

Using BESLER OMNIA’s cost report submission software will significantly decrease the time to submission for Medicare Cost Reports.

Currently, only our reimbursement team is using BESLER OMNIA on our customers’ behalf before we release it to our customers for their self-service usage.

Contact us now to learn more about our Medicare Cost Report Reviews and Preparation Services.

BESLER’s Experts Deliver
  • Submit an accurate cost report that is free from common errors.
  • Remain compliant with Medicare regulations—and avoid compliance issues.
  • Manage the variance between expected reimbursement and actual.
Cost Report Preparation Insights

Get insights and resources on Cost Report preparation.

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