Auditing Services

BESLER will provide a retrospective audit of technical coding encounters – specifically Inpatient, Facility Outpatient (lab and radiology), Observation, Ambulatory Surgery, Emergency Room, ER E/M for Professional, and ER E/M for Facility to validate the quality and accuracy of coding assignments and to provide trending and reporting.

We will also review the coding and clinical documentation for compliance with applicable CMS regulations and guidance with consideration of your hospital’s specific coding policies.

The BESLER auditing and compliance review will identify areas for process and documentation improvements that will help ensure successful reimbursement under the Medicare Prospective Payment System.

The audit includes a written summary report of the findings as well as a call to reconcile any questions related to the audit findings. On-site education is available at an additional cost.

Why Choose BESLER?

  • BESLER’s proprietary software maximizes productivity through workflow automation and intensive data mining.
  • No need to learn new software or research complex potential edits.
  • QA oversight ensures that claim touches are meaningful and increase speed to resolution.
  • Seamlessly interfaces with your staff and systems to bolster internal staff and support management.
  • Careful matching of our coding experts (average of 15+ years’ experience) to your organization’s unique needs.
  • BESLER’s coding analysts have various certifications, including MHI, RHIA, CCS, CDIP, CICA, and some hold AHIMA-Approved ICD-10-CM/PCS Trainer status.
  • Identification of improvement opportunities with expert instruction to prevent repeatable errors.
  • Extensive reporting of findings catches potential compliance issues before they become large problems.
  • Real-time dashboards and final in-depth analytics reporting provide information about recovery efforts to facilitate customer oversight.

If anything is being missed in your internal or external audits (revenue or compliance risks), we will find it.

Contact BESLER to help your hospital improve coding quality and lower potential risk and costs.


awards and certifications
Code with Confidence
  • Real-time Dashboard
  • Coding Analyst Partners
  • Accurate Results
Our engagement with them is an easy process.

“The firm has done very well. Our engagement with them is an easy process. We talk on a regular basis about results, and they send us anything that we need to update. We review those things through our coding and billing people to make sure we agree with them. If we don’t, we talk through it, and BESLER either proves the point or not. But things are really based on what is in the medical record, so that is pretty straightforward. The firm does well with communication, so the communication between their team and our team is very easy. Communication is typically by email, but the firm will get on the phone and talk through issues, and they are easy to get ahold of. They always get back to us when we have a question. We get responses very fast; sometimes that is within the same day.”

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