Transfer DRG Revenue Recovery

We have recovered $2.5+ Billion of Transfer DRG underpayments for providers.

Are you and your team identifying all potential underpayments and overpayments?

Without displacing or disrupting a current review vendor or internal process, BESLER can provide a secondary validation of claims impacted by the post-acute transfer rule to ensure you’re identifying all potential underpayments and overpayments.

BESLER’s Transfer DRG revenue recovery service identifies claims underpaid due to improper application of the Medicare Post-Acute Transfer reimbursement rules, documents the factors that impact the claim, provides audit backup justifying the increased reimbursement and includes claim adjustment and payment monitoring.

And our service is contingency-based so we don’t get paid unless we find your organization more underpayments.

Even after another vendor has reviewed your hospital’s Transfer DRG cases, our second sweep of the same claims often identifies 30% or more additional revenue.

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Why Choose BESLER?

  • Our proprietary software reviews 100% of claims impacted by the Transfer Rule.
  • All impacted claims are examined by an experienced RN prior to being approved as an underpayment opportunity.
  • Our compliant process minimizes the risk of overpaid claims due to multiple validation steps and proper follow-up timing.
  • You can experience recoveries in as little as 30 days after onboarding.
  • According to a recent HFMA survey of BESLER’s clients, 92% either agree or strongly agree that BESLER’s Transfer DRG revenue recovery service exceeded their expectations.
  • We partner with 400+ hospitals to recover Transfer DRG underpayments.

No costly software implementations. No learning curves. No hassles. Only results.

BESLER’s revenue integrity solutions offer a COMPLIMENTARY underpayment recovery estimate.

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Case Study

35% More transfer underpayments identified at one New England hospital beyond internal and current vendor reviews.

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  • Accurate Results
Overall, BESLER provides good quality work.

“With our longstanding partnership with BESLER, we have had outstanding relations with the team. Overall, BESLER provides good quality work and has been a good partner for us. BESLER gives us ideas or extrapolates on ideas that we should be working on.”

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