Boost Hospital Revenue with BESLER’s Transfer DRG Services

As hospitals nationwide strive to maximize their revenue and Medicare payments, BESLER provides specialized services that help make it happen. Our specialized services help healthcare providers identify and recover lost revenue from underpaid Transfer DRG claims due to improper application of the Medicare Post-Acute Transfer reimbursement rules. With our experts, you can optimize your hospital’s reimbursement and obtain the financial stability your organization needs.

We’ve compiled the most impactful resources you need to make it happen below:

  • An in-depth explanation of Transfer DRG and underpayments.
  • Our Transfer DRG revenue recovery process.
  • Benefits of choosing BESLER.
  • A white paper exploring Transfer DRG revenue recovery strategies.
  • A special report tackling the issue of whether Transfer DRG underpayments are still an unsolved problem.
  • An insightful case study outlining how one successful hospital recovered over $2 million through our services.

Contact our experts today, and we’ll guide you through the process and help ensure your hospital receives its due reimbursements. Get started now and optimize your revenue with BESLER.

What is Transfer DRG?

Hospitals are often burdened with underpayments due to the Transfer Diagnosis Related Group (DRG). Healthcare providers must identify underpayments through careful documentation and audit backup to recover revenue. That’s where BESLER’s Transfer DRG revenue recovery services come in.

Transfer DRGs are complicated, and underpayments can be challenging to identify without the proper expertise. Hospitals may not realize they’re eligible for additional reimbursement, leading to a significant financial loss.

Our Transfer DRG revenue recovery services provide the knowledge and support hospitals need to ensure they receive the reimbursements they’re entitled to. We identify and help recover lost revenue from underpaid Transfer DRG claims, so you don’t have to worry about leaving money on the table.

How BESLER Can Help

Our process starts with a deep dive into 100% of your hospital’s discharge records to an analysis of each claim to determine if the account is impacted by the rule. Our experts will create a comprehensive report that uncovers any additional reimbursements you may miss. From there, we’ll document the factors that impact the claim, provide audit backup justifying the increased reimbursement, and include claim adjustment and payment monitoring.

BESLER’s proprietary software allows for reviewing 100% of Transfer rule-impacted claims by experienced staff, uncovering underpayments, and adjusting payments as necessary. Additionally, our service is contingent-based meaning we don’t get paid unless we identify more underpayments for you.

You can be assured that your hospital gets the most out of its Medicare payments through BESLER’s Transfer DRG revenue recovery services. Our experts will guide you through the process and help ensure you garner the additional revenue you’ve earned.

The Benefits of BESLER’s Transfer DRG Services

With BESLER’s Transfer DRG services, hospitals can experience quick recoveries in as little as 30 days after onboarding, with 92% of our clients agreeing or strongly agreeing that our team exceeded expectations. Even after another vendor reviews your hospital’s Transfer DRG cases, our second sweep of the same claims often identifies 30% or more additional revenue.

Our experts help you throughout the process, and our status reports keep you informed on progress. Our services also comply with all Medicare regulations, minimizing the risk of overpaid claims for your hospital due to multiple validation steps and proper follow-up timing.

Additional benefits of working with BESLER’s experts include the following:

  • Comprehensive analytics to identify and recover lost revenue.
  • Experienced team of experts guiding you through the process.
  • Compliant with all Medicare regulations, minimizing risk for your hospital.
  • All impacted claims examined by an experienced RN before being approved as an underpayment opportunity.
  • Quick recoveries in as little as 30 days after onboarding.
  • Status reports to keep you informed on progress.
  • 92% success rate exceeding expectations.
  • Contingent-based services.
  • 400+ hospital partners nationwide.
  • No costly software implementations.

Additional DRG Transfer Revenue Recovery Resources

At BESLER, we offer extensive and in-depth resources to help you with Transfer DRG revenue recovery. To learn more about our services and how we can help your hospital recover lost revenue, check out our white paper, special report, and case study below.

Transfer DRG White Paper: Approaches to Revenue Recovery

This white paper by BESLER explores the complexities surrounding Medicare’s Transfer DRG reimbursement regulations. It describes the different types of underpayments and outlines how hospitals can increase their revenue by utilizing manual and automated audit processes.

The paper illustrates the various approaches hospitals can take to identify and recover lost revenue: internal processes, consultants or vendors, or relying on the RAC. Further, it highlights potential scenarios in addition to the pros and cons of each method. By following these guidelines and tips, hospitals can ensure they are reimbursed at the highest rate possible.

Transfer DRG Underpayments Special Report: Still an Unsolved Problem?

This comprehensive special report provides an in-depth look into the issue of Transfer DRG underpayments, discussing why they occur and how hospitals can avoid them. The report stresses the importance of secondary reviews, which often identify hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional revenue for healthcare providers.

It also highlights the benefits of regular reviews and performance adjustments, either via internal or vendor processes. The special report includes two real-world success stories of healthcare providers garnering significant additional revenue through secondary reviews by BESLER: one regarding a hospital in Florida and another in the Midwest.

Case Study: Multi-Faceted Validation Process

One New England hospital garnered $2.4 million in revenue recovery over three years utilizing BESLER’s multi-faceted validation process. Our services uncover underpayments, document the claim’s impact, provide audit backup, and adjust payments for optimized recovery.

We were able to help this hospital identify and recover lost revenue through our diversified team of expert staff and proprietary software, ensuring a thorough compliant review before final determination. Thanks to our deep knowledge of the current Transfer DRG rules and regulations, we were able to analyze claims for 35% more in underpayments, resulting in our client achieving their desired outcome.

Recover Revenue with BESLER

Don’t let underpayments due to improper application of the Medicare Post-Acute Transfer reimbursement rules negatively impact your hospital’s revenue. Contact BESLER today to see how we can help you recover lost revenue quickly and easily.

Our services comply with all Medicare regulations and provide comprehensive analytics to identify underpayments. Our experts have recovered more than $2.5 billion of Transfer DRG payments for healthcare providers, and we can help you, too.

Let us help you optimize your hospital’s revenue today! Contact a BESLER expert for more information on how we can assist you in recovering lost Transfer DRG revenue.


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