S-10 Preparation and Review

Now that Worksheet S-10 Schedules are used to distribute uncompensated care funds, hospitals must ensure that all uncompensated and indigent care costs are included on the S-10. It can be difficult to ensure the S-10 is accurate and compliant.

BESLER’s S-10 Preparation and Review services are tailor made for busy providers like you.

We use a hybrid approach, leveraging healthcare revenue cycle optimization technology to populate S-10 schedules, complemented by expert reviews from experienced consultants which together will reduce your team’s stress when it comes to S-10 concerns.

Both of our Worksheet S-10 Preparation and S-10 Review services include a thorough review and analysis of your hospital’s:

  • Financial Assistance Policy (FAP)
  • Bad Debt Policy
  • Self-pay Discount Policy
  • Policies compared to the program reporting requirements for Worksheet S-10
  • Insurance and Transaction Masters

S-10 Preparation

BESLER can prepare Worksheet S-10 for filings while identifying areas of opportunity and ensuring regulatory compliance.

We will ensure your submissions meet the provisions of the Worksheet S-10 instructions, and that it’s also in line with your hospital’s charity and/or financial assistance policies.

S-10 Review

For our S-10 Review services, we’ll prepare a comprehensive summary report of our findings including recommendations on process improvements to improve the accuracy of the S-10 data submitted on your hospital’s cost reports.

From S-10 review to complete S-10 preparation, BESLER will ensure your hospital receives its pro rata share of Medicare DSH funding.

Let’s work together to discover what Worksheet S-10 opportunities exist and identify potential compliance risks. Our team is also available to fully support you and your hospital through any audit.

Let’s work together on your S-10 Review to optimize your Medicare reimbursement. Contact us now.

We provide consulting services in many specific areas, including:

BESLER’s uncompensated care healthcare reimbursement services capture and validate all eligible patient days for DSH, charity care charges for S-10 and bad debts that should be included on the Medicare Cost Report.

Get an Outside Review
  • Let us help you protect your reimbursement. The FY 2024 IPPS Final Rule decreases the UCC pool by $957M from FY 2023.
  • We review 100% via 835 detail and point level detail. We use both GL and claims level approach to validate data. Is your policy being followed by staff, and does your documentation support this?
  • With FY2024 Final IPPS Rule release, now is the time to have an outside review!
  • Audit Defensible!
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