Bed Management Service

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BESLER will review the accuracy of the available beds filed on your Medicare Cost Report by applying CMS rules and regulations with the goal of reducing the number of available beds in a retrospective review.

We will also conduct a current and prospective review to determine available areas that can convert available beds to unavailable for current and future years – per Medicare rules.

Why Choose BESLER?

  • We are one of the few firms with experience conducting Bed Management Reviews, which includes a detailed review by clinical unit and census occupancy activity.
  • As Available Bed Counts directly impact IME reimbursement, our team members with extensive experience with GME and IME can be leveraged.
  • Our healthcare reimbursement services will provide you with the necessary cost report reopening work papers to re-file prior year cost reports.
  • If your facility is capped for FTEs, increasing the Resident-to-Bed Ratio is one of the ways to improve Medicare reimbursement.

The Resident-to-Bed Ratio for one year serves as a cap for the following year which means that the Available Bed Count can impact multiple cost report years.

The Available Bed Count impacts your IME reimbursement and Indirect Medical Education (IME) can be a substantial add-on payment to your DRG payments.

Contact BESLER to learn how to optimize your hospital’s reimbursement from Medicare using our proprietary technology tools.

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