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BESLER optimizes hospital reimbursement – with a suite of healthcare reimbursement services tailored to YOUR hospital’s unique needs.

medicare cost report reviews and prep icon

Medicare Cost Report Preparation and Review Services

Review and Preparation solutions to ensure your hospital submits an accurate cost report that optimizes revenue potential.

S10 Review & Refiling icon

S-10 Preparation and Review

Automated process to prepare your S-10 filings while identifying areas of opportunity and ensuring regulatory compliance.

dsh eligibility icon

Disproportionate Share Reviews (DSH)

Optimize your Medicare eligible days for a clean log identifying all possible accounts to enhance the opportunity to qualify for an uncompensated care payment.

Medicare Bad Debt Review

Medicare Bad Debt Review

Assess the accuracy of the information used to complete Bad Debt Expense including identifying possible revisions to ensure the logs meet the basic criteria.

organ acquisition icon

Organ Acquisition

A thorough review of organ acquisition to improve accuracy and compliance to help you capture every dollar of potential reimbursement.

ime revenue recovery icon

IME/GME Reimbursement Service

Evaluate the accuracy of all GME and IME FTE caps to include any modifications resulting from CMS redistributions.

Wage Index Opportunity analysis icon

Wage Index Opportunity and Analysis

Assistance with submission of a clean and accurate account of your average hourly wages that will optimize your potential reimbursement while staying compliant.

icon occupational mix

Occupational Mix Services

A review of the accuracy of your hospital’s occupational mix survey including a review of your job descriptions and job titles to properly report time spent.

medicare appeals icon

Medicare Appeals & Regulatory Analysis

Our highly qualified and innovative consultants can work with your reimbursement team to navigate complex appeal issues.

hourly reimbursement

Hourly Reimbursement and Regulatory Expertise

Modeling, feasibility studies, interpretation of rules, audit support and more.

bed management optimization

Bed Management Service

Review the accuracy of the available beds filed on your Medicare Cost Report by applying CMS rules and regulations.

medicare geographic classifications icon

Medicare Geographic Classifications

Help determining if your hospital should apply to the Medicare Geographic Classification Review Board (MGCRB) for reclassification.

reimbursement technology icon

Reimbursement Technology

Technology tools and automation to save you time, ensuring accurate reimbursement.

Easy Work Papers | iRotations | MCEL

easy work papers icon

Easy Work Papers

Automates majority of the preparation for Cost Reports and supporting workpapers—and reduces the time spent preparing the Cost Report by up to 75%.

iRotations icon

iRotations Reimbursement Technology

Ensures your hospital is reimbursed for every Resident FTE it’s entitled to by managing and tracking interns and residents as they rotate throughout.

mcel icon

MCEL Reimbursement Software

Identifies and documents all potential Medicaid eligible patients and their type of Medicaid eligibility, including supporting info for DSH calculations.

Do you have a true Healthcare Reimbursement Advocate?

Keeping up with the new rules and regulations is a full-time job. Partnering with BESLER can ensure accuracy and completeness in your reimbursement projects.

We have worked with over 600 healthcare organizations and have experience with most reimbursement issues and scenarios. But we are also small enough to provide you and your team personalized healthcare reimbursement services.

Our team members’ reimbursement expertise is hard to match. That means we can help your hospital across a range of reimbursement you may have already had reviewed and assessed – including preparation and review of all parts of the cost report.

BESLER excels in support.

“BESLER excels in support. From a customer service standpoint, they are always looking to ensure that we have everything that we need for our engagement, and they support us in that and the follow-up. BESLER also provides expertise. There are things that I don’t understand fully, so I can rely on them as subject matter experts. We have been happy with BESLER’s services.”

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