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Ensure your facility is reimbursed for every Resident FTE it’s entitled to.

iRotations is a secure, web-based tool used to manage and track interns and residents as they rotate through all your facilities and contracted offices.

It accurately calculates IME and GME FTEs and can be leveraged to create schedules for documentation purposes.

Providers who previously used other tools for tracking FTEs have reported as much as a 20% increase in their intern and resident FTEs.

Why Choose BESLER’s iRotations Tool?

  • iRotations is the only IME/GME software program that has been approved by CMS to create a viable, web-based, alternative to the old CMS DOS based V3EDIT checking program that is required to be used on all IRIS data before submission via your cost report.
  • We focus on 42 CFR regulations and requirements – unlike our competitors.
  • iRotations is simple to use, and a basic yearly schedule can be input in less than one day.
  • The iRotations servers are fully encrypted and are HIPAA compliant.
  • Users can go from rotation schedules to FTEs to IRIS files easily and without manually reformatting data.
  • Easily attach standard documents, PDFs, and scanned images directly to a resident’s record.
  • iRotations calculates IME/GME FTEs under current and past CMS regulations, using information that the client knows is accurate and can be easily supported.

Contact us today to learn more about our iRotations tool and how our healthcare revenue cycle optimization technology can help your organization ensure its reimbursed for every Resident FTE it’s entitled to.

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It’s been a great relationship.

“It’s been almost a year now and you’re getting all of this squared away for us. We look forward to the iRotations implementation and any other future work that we may do with you. It’s been a great relationship. We appreciate everything you’ve done.”

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