IME Revenue Recovery

Even the best hospitals and hospital systems can find disconnects in their shadow billing processes resulting in revenue leakage.

BESLER’s IME Revenue Recovery solution quickly identifies missed Medicare Advantage shadow billing opportunities and the operational/root causes of the missed bills leading to increased reimbursement opportunities for hospitals.

This means more payments, more revenue, and fewer headaches.

Why Choose BESLER?

  • Proprietary healthcare revenue cycle optimization technology identifies shadow bills that were not submitted – even those for Medicare Advantage patients who weren’t properly flagged at the time of registration.
  • We provide beneficiary eligibility and claim information necessary for rebilling.
  • Our detailed management reports track the identified claims and confirm that timely rebilling has occurred.
  • We can work the data with minimal data requirements.
  • Your deliverables include a roadmap to process improvement eliminating revenue leakage moving forward.
  • CMS regulations now require all providers (teaching and non-teaching) to submit shadow claims to Medicare for utilization tracking.

Contact BESLER for revenue integrity solutions to ensure no shadow bills are missing – and won’t be missed going forward – to prevent revenue leakage for your hospital.

Code with Confidence
  • Real-time Dashboard
  • Coding Analyst Partners
  • Accurate Results
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The firm’s people are extraordinarily responsive.

“The firm’s people are extraordinarily responsive. We can reach out to them for anything, and they will absolutely reply very quickly and follow up.”

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