Inpatient DRG Validation

BESLER has demonstrated improvements in coding accuracy ranging from 25–60% translating to tens of thousands of dollars hospitals have recovered.

Are you and your team worried about miscoding claims?

BESLER’s post-bill DRG Validation process leverages our healthcare revenue cycle optimization technology – employing 1,600+ rules – as well as our certified and very experienced coders to determine the accuracy of code selection.

Our coding analysts then examine suspect claims to identify coding error trends, overpayment risk, underpayment cost, and to correct coding issues. Additionally, they evaluate the quality of physician clinical documentation for completeness, accuracy, and compliance.

Suggested claim adjustments are then proposed to the hospital and feedback is given on trends and common coding issues encountered.

Why Partner with BESLER?

100% Post-Bill Claims

Reviewing 100% of your Medicare inpatient claims post-bill ensures no revenue is left behind and you remain in full compliance.

Expert Analysis

One of our main goals is to make your process stronger so we carefully match our coding experts to your hospital’s unique needs.

Supplement & Complement Your Team

Our DRG Validation process seamlessly complements your existing staff and system to make their work more efficient and complete.

Results are Front & Center

Meetings with your team on a regular cadence to review recoveries, coding trends, and potential compliance issues – and access to real-time dashboards.

Ongoing Education

Your team can rely on our coding experts to identify coding error trends. Our team also offers expert instruction to prevent repeatable errors.

Reliable Recommendations

CMS has approved all of our claim adjustment recommendations giving you peace of mind that our work is both thorough and fully compliant.

Interested in getting tips to help you choose a DRG Validation partner? Check out our new DRG Validation Infographic.

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They always answer & give us the right answers.

“There are things that we don’t have knowledge about that BESLER is really good at. They fill us in with information about those things as well as anything else that we need. Anytime we hit a brick wall, we call the firm, and they always answer and give us the right answers. Also, the people at the level we work with always resolve problems, and we don’t have to go to anyone above them.”

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