A Personal Letter

From Our CEO

Jonathan Besler

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BESLER Means Never Having to Go It Alone

My father, Phil Besler, started this company in 1986 based on the belief that all hospitals would need an ally to fight for them in the increasingly complex healthcare landscape. In his work for the State of New Jersey, Phil witnessed firsthand how changing regulations were causing unintended challenges for the healthcare industry. His call-to-action for the BESLER team was to create a clear and simple path through those challenges, so that hospitals would have more dollars and more time to focus on enhancing patient care.

If you ask anyone around here, they’ll tell you that Phil was not your typical CEO. He wasn’t a “parameters” guy – in his thinking or commitment. Not one to be ruffled by challenges, he was always quick to ask “What can we do to solve this?” and “What haven’t we considered?” He dug in wherever and whenever he need to, and encouraged everyone on the team to do the same.

Phil’s vision and his qualities as a leader continue to guide who we are today. We remain enthusiastic and resourceful advocates for hospitals. Our team members come to the table passionate about their ideas, but our relentless quest for the best answer means always being open to a new way of doing things better. Our combination of deep expertise and proprietary technology always generates surprising solutions – which have delivered more than $4 billion of additional revenue to hospitals across the United States.

And while we stand by our tangible results, our truest measure is how impactful we are to your mission and ability to better serve your patients. We believe that hospitals deserve a tenacious ally, and when it comes to your revenue, we strive every day to protect more and find more – so that you can do more.

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Our Core Values Actively Drive Everything We Do

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