Our team will check for possible overpayments to ensure you’re completely compliant with Medicare regulations.

Medicare has edits in place to capture overpayments at the time of billing.

CMS doesn’t catch all potential overpayments – there’s a potential for 15% of claims to be over paid.

BESLER’s experienced team can help your team accurately identify and report overpayments.

Why Partner with BESLER?

  • Our team places calls to a Provider Representative and doesn’t rely solely on the common working file.
  • We can submit the claim re-openings with your underpayment adjustments.
  • Our revenue integrity solutions can assist with the validation process and adjustment submission.
  • We only charge you for claims that require phone calls.

Contact BESLER to ensure that you and your team are accurately identifying and reporting overpayments.


  • Current Transfer DRG Customer.
  • Your Data – which we already have.


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