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MCEL is a software tool for your reimbursement team to get Medicaid eligibility for use in determining Medicare DSH for your facility.

Hospitals can identify and document all of their potential Medicaid eligible patients and the type of Medicaid eligibility that each patient has using BESLER’s MCEL tool.

MCEL provides auditable and verifiable supporting information for DSH calculations – based on an organization’s actual data – NOT estimates.

More Reasons to Use BESLER’s MCEL Reimbursement Technology:

  • MCEL is a browser-based software program that allows organizations to calculate all of its DSH-related numbers.
  • MCEL will turn any state-specific eligibility results files into usable data that can be viewed via your browser or reports.
  • All MCEL software resides inside of an organization’s firewall. (The only PHI that leaves the network is when submitting it directly to the state’s website or SFTP site.)
  • Since the data gathering is done by members of your team, you will save significant dollars by not using an outside consultant.
  • MCEL finds eligibility regardless of payer status – to ensure the collection process accounts properly for any patient who has a retroactive adjustment or change to their Medicaid eligibility.
  • MCEL also identifies all of the Medicaid eligible patients who may have coverage under another payer type for proper use in determining the Medicare DSH for your organization.
  • You can run eligibility as many times as you want – without being charged extra.
  • MCEL is one of the few, if not the only, Medicaid eligibility software program that allows organizations to do their own DSH work.
  • You have full ownership of your data and results when calculating your Medicare DSH numbers.

Contact us today to learn more about our healthcare reimbursement services and our healthcare revenue cycle optimization technology that will accurately determine Medicare DSH for your organization and optimize its reimbursement.

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