Easy Work Papers
Cost Report Preparation Software

Easy Work Papers is Internet-based software you can access from anywhere to complete Medicaid and Medicare Cost Reports accurately and consistently.

Built by reimbursement professionals for reimbursement professionals, it helps you and your team easily complete the 80% of the cost report that has little to no changes year-to-year. That way you can focus on the 20% that has a real impact on your hospital’s revenue.

Why Choose Easy Work Papers to Prepare Your Cost Reports?

  • Improves accuracy
  • Maintains consistency
  • Increases efficiency
  • Customized to your organization’s needs
  • Awarded “Peer Reviewed by HFMA®” designation
  • Achieved coveted HITRUST r2 Certification

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Reduce Time Spent on Cost Reports by Up to 75%
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*HFMA staff and volunteers determined that Revenue Integrity Solutions including Transfer DRG Revenue Recovery Service, Inpatient DRG Validation and IME Revenue Recovery and Easy Work Papers have met certain criteria developed under the HFMA Peer Review Process. HFMA does not endorse or guarantee the use of this service.

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They went above & beyond.

“BESLER did a virtual training for us on this tool, and it was excellent. They reached out to us well in advance of the training to verify what we were looking for in the training. They went above and beyond the base training for the tool by tailoring their training to us based on what they had asked us. We were highly impressed.”

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