Easy Work Papers – Key Features

The Power of Easy Work Papers

  • Carry over building blocks from year-to-year and populate worksheets in minutes.
  • Know upfront what complex tasks may be expected.
  • Import your GL and easily reconcile new accounts & sub-accounts.

Easy Work Papers Review Notes and Management Reports

  • Staff can enter review notes documenting questions and processes related to worksheets so preparers and managers can communicate during review.
  • Color-coded item status quickly reveals items that require attention or are complete.
  • Comments can be carried through from year-to-year to ensure worksheets are completed consistently across fiscal years.
  • Management reports offer lists of references, incomplete tasks, and more.

Easy Work Papers Comments and Cost Report Settlement

  • Document public or private comments in worksheets.
  • Upload PS&R and revenue usage files for cost report settlement.
  • Review revenue usage grouping.
  • Prepare revenue settlement assignment.