MedPAC Formalizes Request for Medicare Hospital Payment Increase and other healthcare news articles – January 17-23

Our selection of top healthcare news articles from around the web Early Test Of An Obamacare Experiment Posts Little Progress : Shots – Health News : NPR — BESLER Consulting (@BeslerDotCom) January 19, 2015 How to gauge the true financial impact of #hospital #readmissions: @BeslerDotCom — HFMA (@hfmaorg) January 21, 2015 "Nearly 80% […]

Comprehensive Discharge Planning: A Solution for Patients at High Risk for Readmission

Comprehensive discharge planning significantly reduces readmission rates and may improve health outcomes without increasing costs. Reducing preventable readmission is important not only to improve clinical excellence but also to ensure a hospital’s financial success. Implementing best practices can help hospitals foster high patient engagement, improve patient education, and cut readmission rates. A comprehensive discharge plan […]

Increasing Medicare EHR incentive payments

A hospital that does not have a thorough process in place for billing the “no pay” claims for a Medicare Advantage patient may have significant opportunity to increase their Medicare EHR incentive payment The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) were authorized by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 to provide incentive […]

CMS makes changes to RAC program: 10 things to know and other healthcare news articles – January 10-16

Our selection of top healthcare news articles from around the web Expert: Revenue cycle systems lag behind value-based changeover | #Healthcare Finance News — BESLER Consulting (@BeslerDotCom) January 12, 2015 "715 things to know about healthcare — all in one place" by @beckershr — BESLER Consulting (@BeslerDotCom) January 13, 2015 "CMS makes changes […]

Why we pursued the HFMA Peer Reviewed designation for Transfer DRG Recovery

  Peer Reviewed designation from the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) is difficult to achieve. In fact, over the last three years, only 24 of 71 applications went on to earn the designation. Products or services that carry this distinguished label have undergone a rigorous review process that, according to HFMA, evaluates and measures: Effectiveness […]