CMS Adds Pilot Project Participants to Reduce Medicare Costs and other healthcare news articles – August 24-28

Our selection of top healthcare news articles from around the web Why days in accounts receivable is a key metric for healthcare finance pros | Healthcare Finance News — BESLER Consulting (@BeslerDotCom) August 24, 2015 Keeping watch for revenue cycle leakage, what to know | Healthcare Finance News — BESLER Consulting (@BeslerDotCom) August […]

Readmission Reduction Strategies

Following is the full conversation of Episode 1 of the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Podcast. Michael: Welcome to the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Podcast, brought to you by BESLER Consulting. This is the podcast for hospital leaders seeking insights and strategies they need to help reduce readmissions at their organizations. I’m Mike Passanante, your host for this podcast. […]

2016 IPPS Final Rule Analysis Published by BESLER Consulting

A complimentary special report is now available. (PRINCETON, NJ, August 24, 2015) BESLER Consulting, a leading provider of Medicare revenue enhancement and protection services for hospitals, is pleased to announce that it has released a special report with an in-depth review of the FY 2016 Hospital Inpatient Prospective Payment System (IPPS) Final Rule recently posted by the […]

Why Secondary Transfer DRG Reviews Are Effective

The effectiveness of a Transfer DRG second sweep can be explained in large part by the differences among vendor and internal processes.   In some cases, only high dollar impact claims and obvious underpayments are examined during a primary review.   Not all vendors utilize clinical expertise to conduct a clinical review of claims that are impacted […]

Sleep Tests Eyed by CMS for Medical Necessity

  Medicare, Medicaid and other federal healthcare programs only reimburse for medically necessary sleep tests The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) recognizes a number of different sleep disorders which, taken together, affect millions of Americans. Some of the most common of these disorders are insomnia, narcolepsy/excessive daytime sleepiness, restless leg syndrome, REM behavior disorders, […]