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WEBINAR – Capital Costs on the Cost Report

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In this webinar, Andrew Kinnaman, BESLER’s Senior Reimbursement Consultant explains what capital costs on the Medicare cost report are, how to report them, and their effect on cost reporting.

Agenda & Learning Objectives

  • Define capital costs for the Medicare cost report
  • Understanding the different capital related cost categories
  • Depreciation, Rentals/Leases, Interest, Taxes and Insurance, Other Capital Costs
  • What to consider for downstream effect of capital costs for WS A-6, Reclassifications, WS A-8 Adjustments, WS B, Part II, Col. 0 and WS B-1 Statistics
  • What role does WS A-7 play in the cost report related to capital costs
  • What is the difference of capital costs directly assigned vs step down for the Medicare cost report
Related Resources & Webinar Slides
For a copy of the slides used in Andrew Kinnaman's presentation, go here:Download Slides

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