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Reimbursement Roundtable Webinar [PODCAST]

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In this episode, we’re pleased to welcome back Randi Deckard, BESLER’s Senior Vice President of Client Engagement, to give us a glimpse into our upcoming webinar, Executive Reimbursement Roundtable, that she’s moderating live on Wed., March 6, at 1 PM ET.

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Highlights of this episode include:

  • Learn about the guest panelists on this roundtable
  • What the conversation will center around
  • Q&A

Kelly Wisness: Hi, this is Kelly Wisness. Welcome back to the award-winning Hospital Finance Podcast. We’re pleased to welcome back Randi Deckard, BESLER’s SVP of Client Engagement. In this episode, Randi will give us a glimpse into our upcoming webinar, an Executive Reimbursement Roundtable that she’s moderating live on Wednesday, March 6, at 1 PM Eastern Time. Welcome back and thank you for joining us today, Randi.

Randi Deckard: Thanks again for having me, Kelly.

Kelly: All right. Well, let’s jump in. So, who are the guest panelists on this roundtable?

Randi: So, we have Kristin DeGroat, who is BESLER’s internal general counsel and compliance officer, and then we also are super excited to have the external guest Leslie Goldsmith, who’s also a general counsel but with Bass, Berry & Sims.

Kelly: Wonderful. But wait, I thought this was a Reimbursement Roundtable. Why two attorneys?

Randi: Yeah, great question. So, if you’re affiliated with a hospital, chances are you’ve been part of either an individual or group appeal before the PRRB, and cost report appeals really require some expertise. And hospitals typically have an internal counsel, but sometimes they also need to work with external counsel. So, we’re having two different attorneys there to give their perspective from an internal versus an external role in the appeal process and why sometimes you do need to partner with an external counsel.

Kelly: Sounds pretty interesting. So what will the conversation center around?

Randi: Yeah. So, we’re really going to focus on what an internal general counsel does at a provider level, the SME expertise, and how they may help an individual hospital dispute claims and also do appeals versus when you need to consider looking to an external counsel. And typically, that’s with group appeals, but I think it’ll be interesting for folks to hear both sides of the story from the counsel perspective of what their roles are in the appeal process.

Kelly: Most definitely. So why this topic?

Randi: So, it’s really timing. So first off, the American Healthcare Lawyers Association meeting is coming up in March, and that’s where a lot of reimbursement and general counsel gather from the healthcare space to learn about federal regulatory changes, get an update on current appeals that are going through the PRRB. And so all three of us are going to be going to AHLA, and we thought this would be great for people to get introduced to both Kristin and Leslie, hear about internal versus external counsel as we lead up to the AHLA meeting. And then, plus, we also have another webinar, April 3rd, that is really going to dive more into the details of what appeals are. So, what this roundtable is not is…we are not going to walk through, “This is how you do appeals,” or, “These are all the things you should consider for an appeal.” It’s really going to be more about perspectives from the counsel, internal versus external. So, a little bit of a different take, but I think it will still be valuable to anyone who is in reimbursement or healthcare finance.

Kelly: So, Randi, will there be CPE, CEUs, or Q&A with this roundtable?

Randi: Yeah. So, for this roundtable, we will not be offering CPEs. This is really an opportunity for reimbursement and healthcare finance to learn a little bit more about the different roles that the general counsel play, internal/external, in the appeal process. So, we’re not offering CEUs, and we’re not going to have an open Q&A for this because, at our upcoming webinar in April, there most likely will be opportunities to ask questions. And of course, for anyone who is joining and listening, if they have a question that they would like to ask, they can submit it, and we can get back to them.

Kelly: Sounds great. Looking forward to it. Thank you so much for joining us today, Randi, and for sharing this sneak peek into BESLER’s upcoming Reimbursement Roundtable Webinar that we’re presenting live on March 6, at 1 PM Eastern Time. Thanks again, Randi.

Randi: Thank you, Kelly.

Kelly: And thank you all for joining us for this episode of The Hospital Finance Podcast. Until next time…

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