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Reimbursement Updates 2024 Webinar [PODCAST]

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In this episode, Christina Brown, BESLER’s Director of Reimbursement Services, provides us with a glimpse into the next webinar in our Fundamentals of Reimbursement Series, Reimbursement Updates 2024, presented live on Wednesday, July 17 at 1 PM ET. (NEW DATE)

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Highlights of this episode include:

  • What reimbursement updates will be discussed during webinar 
  • IPPS proposed rule
  • Home Office Cost Report
  • Filing exhibits

Kelly Wisness: Hi, this is Kelly Wisness. Welcome back to the award-winning Hospital Finance Podcast. We’re pleased to welcome back Christina Brown, BESLER’s Director of Reimbursement Services. In this episode, Christina will provide us with a glimpse into the next webinar in our Fundamentals of Reimbursement Series, Reimbursement Updates 2024, that we’re presenting live on Wednesday, July 17th at 1 PM Eastern Time. Welcome back and thanks for joining us, Christina.

Christina Brown: Thanks, Kelly. It’s a pleasure to be on again.

Kelly: Yeah, well, let’s go ahead and jump in. So, reimbursement updates is a pretty broad topic. Can you touch on the updates that will be included in the webinar?

Christina: Sure, yeah, it’s a great question. As you may be aware, this time of year, there were a few transmittals that we included in this webinar last year when we did this. While this year, thankfully, we haven’t seen quite as many 2552-10 provider reimbursement manual updates. We do still have a few things to share. One main thing that has occurred recently is the IPPS proposed rule that was published in April. Naturally, that’s going to be a portion of what we address in the webinar. Now, the proposed rule is over 700 pages, so I am going to limit what is discussed to the most significant reimbursement-related topics.

Kelly: Yeah, I know things are always changing in this space, so it’s always great to have kind of a touchpoint on that. Can you provide a little insight as to the information you may cover as it pertains to the IPPS proposed rule?

Christina: Sure, that’s a great question, Kelly. So, to start, CMS is proposing a net 2.6% increase to the PPS rate, which is inclusive of a market basket adjustment of 3% less a 0.4% productivity adjustment. Another item pertains to the wage index. CMS proposed a continuation of wage index policies that address the wage index disparities. And for uncompensated care payments, as we expected, CMS decided to keep the rolling average logic and proposed to utilize fiscal years 2019 through 2021 of the S-10 worksheets. CMS also addressed an extension of the Medicare Dependent Hospital Small Rural Hospital Program and temporary changes to the low-volume hospital payment adjustment. And lastly, there were some updates to address additional residency slots, which that is something I’m actually going to discuss in detail during the webinar.

Kelly: Great. Sounds like some great information to cover. And other than the IPPS proposed rule, can you tell us another topic you plan to cover?

Christina: Sure, yeah, I’d be happy to. So, one of the major changes that may or may not impact providers is the form update to the Home Office Cost Report. Effective for cost reports beginning on or after 9/30/2022, providers that submit a Home Office Cost Report will have to submit an updated form. So, this form was previously known as the 287-05, and now that form is the 287-22. So, you may be able to ascertain that there had not been any significant updates in this form for over 15 years if you follow the ’05 to ’22 update there. But during this webinar, I’m going to give a brief summary of what changes the 9/30 and 12/31 providers have already had to adapt to the new 287-22 Home Office Cost Report.

Kelly: Wow, it sounds like they’ll be quite a bit covered with the IPPS proposed rule and the updates to the Home Office Cost Report. Will you be covering anything else during this webinar?

Christina: So actually, in addition to the IPPS proposed rule and the Home Office Form Update, I will also be giving a summary of some of the key takeaways from our most recent webinars, just in case you happen to miss them. This will be areas such as the Appeals webinar that was co-presented by our in-house legal counsel as well as an outside attorney that we often partner with on various issues and myself. Another area of interest that was co-presented recently was our webinar on 340B. And that was presented by another external partner that we utilize and a reimbursement consultant from the reimbursement team. And I’m also going to talk about a few other miscellaneous areas that we’ve covered in recent content, just in case you’d like to follow up on any areas of interest for you.

Kelly: Yes, those were some great webinars. And speaking of updates related to recent content, I know there’s been a lot of discussion in the industry surrounding the new filing exhibits. Will you be discussing those?

Christina: Actually, that’s another great question. So, I know that I’ve covered those in the past on other webinars, and even briefly on the Updates webinar from last year, we talked about it quite a bit. But there’s just so much content with those that I’m actually not going to be going into any detail on those particular exhibits, but never fear. I know we do have a webinar slated for later this year that will cover this exact thing as I know providers are following these exhibits. There have been many questions that have come up. So, stay tuned for an upcoming webinar on the exhibits if that’s something of particular interest to you.

Kelly: Most definitely, thank you. And thank you so much for joining us, Christina, and for sharing this sneak peek into our upcoming webinar, Reimbursement Updates 2024, that you’re presenting live on Wednesday, July 17th at 1 PM Eastern Time. And as a bonus, you can earn CPE. Thanks again, Christina.

Christina: Thank you so much, Kelly. It’s been a pleasure.

Kelly: And thank you all for joining us for this episode of The Hospital Finance Podcast. Until next time…

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