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WEBINAR – The Differences between Pre & Post Bill Auditing

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Kristen Eglintine, BESLER’s Coding Manager of Revenue Integrity Services, and Victoria Hernandez, Senior Coding Analyst, provide invaluable insights of inpatient auditing in this webinar: The Differences Between Pre Bill & Post Bill Auditing. Delve deep into the essential elements of this process and gain a comprehensive understanding of how documentation and coding audits play a pivotal role in ensuring accurate reimbursement and adherence to industry standards.

Agenda & Learning Objectives

  • Overview of Inpatient Auditing
  • Documentation and Coding Audits
  • Industry Challenges and Compliance Issues
  • Definitions of Prebill vs. Post Bill Audits
  • Audit Case Examples with CCs, MCCs and HCCs
  • Audit Conclusion
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