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Affected by the Recent Cyberattack? We Can Help.

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We understand and empathize with those of you who have been negatively affected by the recent cyberattack, and the implications that it has on your billing and collecting processes.

Many articles have been written with estimates of cash flow impact estimates for providers. It is significant, and we appreciate how this might limit your abilities.

The BESLER team is helping our clients navigate how to work around their standard processes to lessen the impact to the extent possible.

As a friend of ours, we can take additional steps to assist you in claims processing and adjustments. We would like to set up a brief call with you to explain what we can do to assist you during this challenging time.

How Can We Help You?
We can process new Medicare claims for you, and/or we can process adjustments to existing claims for you. In order to perform these services, we would need your 837 files or access to the UB image or data elements, and access to your organization’s system for viewing claim information.

We stand ready and able to assist.

If there is a preferred time to connect, please contact Randi Deckard to schedule a time to chat.

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