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Top Questions from the FY 2024 IPPS Final Rule Summary Webinar

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Bob McDowellLooking for more information about FY 2024 IPPS Final Rule Summary? BESLER’s Senior Reimbursement Consultant Bob McDowell answers your questions from the recent webinar. 

To watch Bob’s FY 2024 IPPS Final Rule Summary Webinar, click HERE

  1. The 1115 waiver only impacts certain states, correct?

    Ultimately we want to refer you to the structure of your state’s Section 1115 Demonstration program. There are certain states that are included both on the approved and not approved lists and to name the states in one list and/or the other could cause confusion. If your state’s Section 1115 Demonstration Program has provisions to cover 100% of the premium for the patient to buy health insurance, you may count the inpatient days from these qualifying patients.

  2. So the VBP and Readmission numbers are not the final numbers? Our quality dept is saying they are incorrect…when will they post the final/correct numbers?

    We have typically seen differences in the VBP and HRRP factors between the Final Rule Impact File and the Final VBP and HRRP factor files when they are published either in a Correction Notice or in the Program’s separately published table. Table 15 for the final HRRP factors is available now. Table 16B will be available in the fall at:

  3. On the IPPS base rate updates, could you explain at high-level how we got from a 3.1% update to only 1.9% change in rates? 

    See Reconciliation below.

  4. I had the same question on the base rate of 3.1% to 1.9%.

    See Reconciliation below.

    FY 2024 IPPS Base Rate Reconciliation:  
    Final FY 2023 Base Rate (Full Update)  $ 6,375.74
    Market Basket Update        210.40
    Coding Adjustment         (12.75)
    DRG Recalibration             9.56
    DRG Recalibration Cap           (0.45)
    Wage Index             4.48
    Geographic Reclass         (84.75)
    25th Percentile           (4.46)
    Final FY 2024 Base Rate (Full Update)  $ 6,497.77

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