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WEBINAR – The COVID-19 Impact on Transfer DRG Review

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Join Mary Devine, Senior Director of Revenue Cycle at BESLER, for a review of the impact COVID-19 has on post-acute transfers and what to watch out for right now.

Agenda & Learning Objectives

Post-acute transfers will be greatly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. While all hospitals should be performing a retrospective review of claims potentially impacted by the Post-acute Transfer Rule (PACT), these claims will become increasingly more complex in the coming days. Whether this retrospective review is conducted internally or by an external vendor, the review must be done to ensure that claims are accurate and in accordance with the PACT.

There are mistakes that often occur during normal retrospective Transfer DRG reviews that can result in compliance concerns for hospitals. These issues will be magnified by COVID-19. Read our special report that explores five common pitfalls associated with these reviews and how to avoid them.  

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For a copy of the slides used in Mary Devine's presentation, go here:Download Slides

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